Myths About HGV Drivers

Myth #1: There are Only Male Truckers

In general, trucking is often associated with men and the idea of a female truck driver doesn’t pop up. However, the reality is, there are numerous female truck drivers around the world and studies show 5 % of all truck drivers are women. This number will continue to rise as more and more women join the industry. In many cases, women truckers tend to be better drivers than men!

Myth #2: Truck Drivers Aren’t Appreciated

This is a common misconception that is passed around by people that look at the trucking profession as one that’s under-appreciated. Truckers remain an important cog in the machine when it comes to helping businesses and making sure the world continues to function properly. If truckers weren’t doing their jobs, people wouldn’t gain access to quality food and wouldn’t have anything to buy at all. Look at some of the leading businesses in the world such as Amazon and pay attention to how often trucks are used to transport goods from point A to point B. It’s a core component of their business.

Myth #3: All Drivers Can Drive a Truck

Of course, anyone can become a truck driver as long as they undergo Surrey and Hampshire HGV Training or equivalent to get their license, but that doesn’t always mean they’re cut out for the job. It requires a certain skill set and willingness that is only demonstrated by specific individuals. It is a career path that requires a bit of work but comes along with its challenges too. Becoming an HGV driver is all about understanding what’s to come by reading through online forums and getting a feel for what the career path entails.

Myth #4: Truckers Lead to Accidents

It’s important to note HGV drivers are some of the most experienced professionals in the business and have been around for a long time. Most accidents involving trucks have to do with a driver’s blind spot. Otherwise, a truck driver spends a lot of time on the road compared to the average driver and is far more experienced.

Myth #5: HGV Driving Isn’t Financially Worthwhile

Just like any other career, some companies pay well and others don’t. This is just a part of life for most industries. However, an HGV driver will get paid at least £19-24k for the year and this can continue to ramp up with more experience. According to modern research, the best HGV drivers in the region are earning over £40k each year.

Myth #6: Truck Drivers Aren’t Well-Behaved

This is a nonsensical claim. Truck drivers spend time in all parts of the region and have been all over the place. This means they are well-cultured and recognise the nuances of each community or area better than others. This means they can be quite interesting to speak to and learn from.

Myth #7: HGV Drivers are Always Alone

This is incorrect as becoming an HGV driver isn’t lonely. HGV drivers deal with numerous people throughout the day including professionals and others involved in the business. They get to spend time with people from all walks of life as they go from one area to the next. This can be a great way to develop as people and remain sociable.

Myth #8: HGV Drivers Sit Too Much

Being a driver doesn’t mean that’s the only part involved in this job. Instead, drivers have to deal with loading, unloading, taking inventory, planning routes, and more. This is a task that is more than simply sitting behind a wheel and driving.

Final Thoughts

HGV driving is one of the most intriguing professions in the world and is home to a wonderful selection of professionals. Truckers are known for being trustworthy, passionate, and well-experienced.

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