Good Creative Marketing And Its Role In Brand Awareness

You probably will stop reading this within the next 15 or so seconds. Research shows that 55% of people spend less than a minute reading or skimming through web pages. Therefore, there is a need to find ways of keeping visitors longer when they are on your website once they get there and start going through your content. But how do will you achieve this? The answer is to be creative in your marketing.

The creative aspect of marketing is just one piece of the whole pie. It nonetheless is an undeniably essential element if you want to not only engage but also captivate your target audience. Visual marketing can be the straw that breaks the back of your brand awareness efforts. Sixth sense marketing offers a wide variety of options, suggestions and market driven  traffic to your site.

Quality is thus necessary for your creative processes, and this will have to adhere to the following guidelines:

Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

Many major brands share some similarities in their creative pieces and elements they use in their marketing. It is not an accident, and neither does it imply that they lack fresh ideas. Efficient creativity cuts through the noise and reaches deep into the core of the brand. It is a combination of practical strategies that outline the brand’s personality across all advertising channels consistently.

For instance, Pantone might have gone with a muted approach it speaks loudly through advertising that is centered on a vibrant personality. The ads convey the authenticity of the brand through colour. Some brands will opt to work with natural hues borrowed from everyday life situations. They allow colour to speak for them or their brand.

Conversely, Heinz takes a more palpable fun approach to its marketing, whereby playfulness is at the heart of its brand advertising. They perfected their strategy and managed to preserve their product’s appeal irrespective of their messaging angle.

In both examples, it is evident that when personality meets consistency, then the brand wins.

Simplify Your Strategies

Some guy once advised people to simplify their approach of life, and this rings true in many areas of personal and professional life.

Using a SEO agency can give you direction and help where you never even digested particular information to boost your platform.

Today, the global consumer base is bombarded with an incredible amount of content every second of the day. Marketers are pulling all stops, going all out, as they try to reach as many customers as possible. They are looking for new ways of helping consumers sift through the clutter and find the message they send out.

As such, there is a need to make sure that the overall message is digestible. Once you are confident of the brand’s personality and you are fully on board with its creative look, you then should shift your focus on the message you will use in your marketing.

The human brain can process visual data 600,000 times faster than it can process text. It, thus, points to the fact that images will have a higher appeal. Therefore, let the imagery do the heavy lifting when trying to get your point across. Your target audience will process and understand the brand’s message faster, and it most likely will be something they can recall with ease.

In short, your creative process will benefit more when you opt to go with less; Less is More!

Tell A Story

The online space is saturated with content, and things are not likely to slow down. As a result, marketers must come up with unique strategies of cutting through the saturation of the “everyday content” people see. Quality will have to reign supreme in the creative process of the digital, print, or social marketing campaigns.

Ask yourself, “Will this drive engagement, or will it have 15-seconds fame?

Remember, “Quality” creative is but one of the critical pieces of your brand marketing puzzle.



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