How Are Pubs Keeping Customers Safe?

happy male friends drinking beer at pubRestaurants, cafes and pubs in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the UK are opening doors to revellers for the first time since the Coronavirus lockdown was imposed in March.

– Restaurants, cafes and pubs in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the UK that serve food to customers are now allowed to do so.

– In Wales, restaurants and pubs can begin outdoor service from July 13.

Indoor service will be allowed from August 13 if the current situation does not change.

Is It Safe To Go Out?

Several recommendations have been issued in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the UK on how restaurants and pubs should operate and treat customers during this difficult period. Some of these recommendations are;

– Regulated access to washrooms
– Live performance and concerts will not be allowed in pubs
– Revellers will be encouraged to reserve tables in advance
– Music will be played at low volume to allow people to communicate without shouting so as to reduce the risk of transmission
– Staff will be required to maintain proper hand hygiene while serving customers
– Customers will be encouraged to order food online

The Wetherspoon chain of pubs and restaurants has resolved to provide all their employees with personal protective equipment like face masks and eyewear. They will also serve a few menu options and bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup will be replaced by individual sachets. Customers will be encouraged to sit outside while those that wish to served indoors will be required to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines. If you are looking for a good night out after lockdown relaxes there is a lovely beer garden in Shoreditch that is extremely popular as both a venue for the event and special occasions as well as a night out.

Social distancing has been reduced from 2 meters to 1 meter in the UK and Northern Ireland. These guidelines apply to both indoor and outdoor sitting. Restaurants, cafes and pubs in Scotland can request to be exempted from adhering to the 2-meter social distancing rule after passing certain tests.

Do I Have To Give My Contact Info When I Dine Out?

England restaurant and pub trade organizations have provided guidelines for hospitality establishments on how to go about contact tracing.

– Individuals can choose not to offer their contact information, but establishment owners can choose not to serve them

– Information can be collected using any method, be it via phone, online or paper

– Customers will only be required to give their names and phone numbers. Owners will be required to note down arrival times and duration of stay in their establishments

– Contact information must be stored for at least 3 weeks

– In the case of a group, only one person is required to offer their contact information

If a customer tests positive, will the establishment be forced to shuts its doors?

A restaurant or pub may be forced to close if a staff member or customer tests positive for the virus. This does not have to be the case as per the guidelines issued by the government. The decision to close down will be arrived at on a case by case basis.

NHS Test and Trace may request employees to:

– Self-isolate (in specific scenarios)
– Follow stricter social distancing guidelines
Take a COVID-19 test

Health officials have been given the power and mandate to shut down pubs and restaurants that do not meet safety guidelines.

Several clubs in the UK that reopened just recently have been forced to shut their doors after some customers were found to be infected.

– Clubs shut after revellers test positive
– Second local club forced to shut down

If you are traced and contacted by the government, you should follow the guidelines you are given such as self-isolating and maintaining social distance.

How Did The Hospitality Sector Manage During This Pandemic?

The hospitality and entertainment industry is the 3rd biggest employer in the UK. Many establishments were already struggling before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Tons of workers in this sector have been furloughed under a special government bailout plan that enables them to get up to 80% of their earnings. The UK Pub and Beer Association welcomed the decision by the government to lift the lockdown and their businesses to resume operations.

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