Explainer: The Role Of Education In Fostering Wholesome Child Development

The future of any country lies in the children and youth. The level of growth in the younger generation has a direct impact on the future road-map for any country. The level of growth among young people is often reflected by the quality of education system that they are relying on. To create a stronger future for the nation, schools must mould the impressionable minds of their charges by encouraging curiosity and offering tools that encourage the young to become better people as they grow older.

Without a doubt, the type of learning that one is exposed to usually helps shape their personality and how to handle life situations. There has been a lot of change in how people perceive the place of the education system in the society which has been brought about by a shift to a focus on acquiring knowledge of life instead of relying on knowledge from books.

People have started perceiving education as a means of acquiring wholesome development instead of a platform to be used to gain academic papers and increase the chances of being financially successful in life. Today, education must be used as a tool of developing cognitive abilities and fostering a healthy way of processing thoughts. Indeed, it is true to say that today, education is a basic necessity for all people after clothing, food and shelter.

How does education help in mental development?

School is the first place that offers kids the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in different areas. Here, they get to learn about different cultures, politics, mathematics, literature, history and many other areas. The information gained in school in various disciplines helps improve the thought process. The exposure that young children gain in school usually helps them expand their mind and borders exponentially. That is not to say home based education should be over looked, it shouldn’t, it comes with many benefits and can ensure a child has an understanding of interaction and self assurance, looking at Payroll for Nannies is a great place to start.

How does education help in improving social interactions?

Before going to school, the only interaction that children get is from contact with close family members. It is important to point out that extreme familiarity in socialisation during the early years of development can lead to stagnation. The school environment is the first place where kids can socialise freely with their peers while at the same time learning new things. Socialisation in school usually helps kids learn about empathy, friendship, helping, teamwork and how important these things can be as one gets older.

How does education help in physical development?

On being conceived, the fetus usually goes through different forms of physical development. On being born, the home environment provides an outlet albeit a restricted one for kids to grow. In a social environment such as a school, there are no restrictions on how the growth energy is channelled. At home kids can learn how to deal with sudden bursts of energy but the environment can also make kids take advantage of the situations that arise. At school, since kids are with their peers, the ground is level meaning that not only do they learn how to control bursts of energy, they also learn to be at their best behaviour.

How do schools foster wholesome development?

Unlike the past when schools were places of learning traditional subjects such as mathematics, sonnets and history, kids today have learnt to rely on education for insights beyond what is traditionally taught in classrooms. Education today teaches kids to explore curiosity and develop critical thinking skills. Schools help highlight and stress the importance of using imagination hence helping break the shackles that bind the mind. An inclusive curriculum coupled with the enactment of plays usually helps in wholesome development for the cognitive system.

The foundation and blueprints for development in any nation are laid down through education. It is undeniable that education is responsible for the social, political and economic growth of all societies in the entire world.

Starting young with any task is a way of leading a child to develop many attributes and skills, learning a second language for instance has their minds being used to a great capacity. There are many options out there for Bilingual nurseries, helping each child garner a wealth of education in another language as well as their mother tongue.



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