What Is an Acoustic Consultant and What Do They Do?

Acoustic engineers are experts in sound. They solve problems relating to vibration and noise. Many acoustic engineers hold master’s degrees in fields such as electronics, audio or electrical engineering to name a few. Acoustic engineers can work in various industries and sectors, such as:

  • Underwater noise management
  • Architectural design
  • Warehouse sound control
  • Reducing highway noise

Acoustic consultants in London and elsewhere can work alongside stakeholders and organisations to figure out problems and create solutions to help with noise pollution. Consultants can also design treatments that reduce noise. Not only that, but they can organise studies that focus on sounds.

These professionals help both public and private entities. They can address safety concerns in regard to how sounds affect wildlife.

Acoustical Consultants: What They Do

Generally speaking, they take a look at how sound impacts specific sites. They do this via testing and then pinpointing the sources of noise. Once the tests come back, they examine the data and then they determine whether a highway or electrical substation is creating high levels of noise. Sometimes it may turn out to be a transportation hub that is cause for concern.

They typically work with many other specialists with the purpose of solving noise problems. Not only that, but more experienced acoustical consultants train younger consultants. As for specific tasks they usually conduct, they include the following:

  • Create model data
  • Create a summary of issues about noises and sources causing them
  • Use equipment to measure sounds
  • Create user systems that are designed to reduce noise
  • Perform research on treatments and data

They perform many more tasks than those. However, the above are some of the most commonly performed tasks. The truth is acoustical consultants have many tasks they handle on a daily basis, and the extent of them depends on the project they are working on.

Create Sound Walls

Consultants use materials that are soundproof. These materials can reduce noise and sounds, which in turn protects residents and the environment. Residents won’t hear as much noise from sources such as traffic, train traffic, construction equipment or general noise to name a few.

One of the best things about sound walls is they reduce noise issues associated with highway traffic. In some cases, they can eliminate noises altogether. In turn, residents will enjoy a quieter area.

Outdoor Sound Wall Panels

Another cause of loud noises and vibrations is heavy machinery. Sound waves caused by heavy machinery are capable of loosening nuts and bolts. A good way to reduce these waves of sound is by installing acoustic panels, which in turn will reduce the chances of vibration-related issues from occurring.

Acoustic engineers can create solutions for companies in the commercial manufacturing industry. They also work with construction firms. In fact, companies often hire them to help them protect their workers, lengthen the life of equipment and to save money. There are many companies in various industries that need research carried out on environmental noise and its potential effects on the surrounding area, which is why they turn to acoustical consultants. These are only a few reasons companies hire acoustical consultants.

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