8 Common Myths About HGV Drivers

1. Myth: All Truck Drivers are Male

Even though trucking, like industries such as IT and construction, are often thought of as a field that is male-dominated, more and more women truck drivers are starting to emerge in countries such as the UK and across the world. Since July 2018, it was already recorded that 5% of the commercial licences for vehicles were held by women. Females are as equally proficient as males when it comes to the trucking industry, and many have already proven this, with an increase in numbers entering this career. In certain cases, many females that we have come across happen to be better when compared to men in the same industry.

2. Myth: Truck Drivers are Not Valuable

Just because you don’t always see them doesn’t mean they are not important. Many truck drivers happen to be a highly important part of many businesses. Without these HGV drivers, most businesses would not be able to function. Consumers would have no food to eat. In fact, there would probably be no products to purchase at all. All the useful and vital products that you often purchase from companies such as Amazon would not reach you if it were not for truck drivers.

3. Myth: Anyone is Capable of Driving a Truck

This may be technically true, and any person is capable of becoming a truck driver when they attend a HGV Driver Training Centre. However, at the same time, this is a profession that is not suitable for every person. Certain people seem to be better candidates when compared to others.

HGV driving has a number of pros and can prove to be a highly rewarding job, yet for many, it is also a challenging profession. If you have given thoughts about becoming one of these drivers, we suggest that you first visit a few trucking forums that you can find online where you can find out directly from drivers about the ups along with the downs associated with a truck driving career.

4. Myth: Truckers Often are the Cause of Accidents

HGV drivers happen to be far better trained, safety orientated, and careful when compared to the majority of regular drivers out on the roads. Many accidents that do occur that involve trucks usually arise when other drivers make the mistake of driving in the HGV driver’s blind spots. It is also important to understand that truck drivers cover a lot more mileage compared to average motorists, while they are working.

5. Myth: HGV Truck Drivers are Poorly Paid

There are unfortunately still a few companies that do not pay their drivers well, yet this does not make up the majority of the HGV driving industry. For example, the standard salary for truck drivers is usually between £19-24k for HGV drivers. For those that advance their experience and training, there is the potential to earn a lot more. The drivers with the most experience, like the ones on our Platinum Drivers Scheme, often earn in excess of 40k a year, sometimes more.

6. Myth: Truck Drivers Have No Culture

This assumption is really unguided and totally untrue. Truck drivers are often offered the opportunity to travel across the country where they get to experience and see many places, things, and different sights.

As a truck driver, you get to travel to a host of different destinations where you also get to meet many different people from all over the UK, Europe, and in some cases even further.

7. Myth: HGV Driving is a Lonely Job

HGV driving, in most cases, is one of those more sociable professions. Drivers are always meeting people from across the country and get to work with other truck drivers where they often share their experiences and stories.

Truck driving offers the opportunity to meet with people from across the UK and more when you travel from one place to another. As a truck driver, you will also form a part of a supportive and valuable community.

8. Myth: This Job Only Involves Sitting Behind the Wheel

Most HGV drivers have many responsibilities. This typically includes planning their routes, the loading and unloading of the truck, maintaining an inventory, and finding ways to stay healthy by remaining active. There is far more to the HGV profession than just having to drive from one place to the next.

Final Thoughts

HGV driving is one of those highly rewarding and serious careers that is made up of many different focused and dedicated professionals. Many of the truck drivers are often the most committed, hard-working, trustworthy, and reliable individuals that you will ever meet.

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