8 Common Misconceptions Regarding HGV Drivers

1. Truckers are All Men

Although trucking, like IT and construction, is often perceived to be a field that is mainly dominated by men, there is an increasing number of female truck drivers both in the UK as well as all over the world. As of July 2018, only 5% of licence holders for commercial vehicles were women. However, within the industry, women are as capable as men are and are definitely demonstrating it. Higher numbers of women are becoming truck drivers now than ever. In fact, there are many women that we have encountered who have been better drivers than many of their male cohorts.

2. Drivers are Not Valued

Out of sight often means out of mind. But in terms of truckers, they are frequently the driving force for so many businesses. Without HGV drivers, many businesses would completely fall apart. We would have nothing to eat. There wouldn’t be anything to buy hardly at all. All of the useful and important stuff that you get at places such as Amazon would never be seen.

3.  Anyone Can Drive a Truck

Yes, technically anybody can become a truck driver if they have the appropriate HGV driver training, like that provided by Easy As HGV, but it definitely isn’t a job for everybody. There are some individuals who are better suited to it compared to other people.

HGV driving can potentially be a very rewarding career that has been many benefits. However, it can be quite tough as well. If you are considering pursuing a career as an HGV driver, we advise you to visit a couple of online trucker forums so you can learn first-hand from drivers about all of the ups and downs of a driving career.

4. Many Accidents are Caused by Truckers

HGV drivers are actually better trained, more safety orientated, and more careful compared to most other drivers out on the roads. Most accidents, in fact, that occur where lorries are involved are due to a driver driving within a blind spot. Another thing that needs to be considered is that truckers can easily drive 10 times more miles than an average motorist does while on the job.

5. HGV Drivers are Not Paid Well

Although some companies do not pay good wages, there are other industries besides the HGV driving industry where that is true. A typical starting salary for an HGV driver ranges from £19 to £24k. With more experience and training you can earn a lot more. The drivers with the most experience, like those that are part of our Platinum Drivers Scheme, are able to earn more than 40K per year.

6. Truckers are Unrefined

That is a very snobbish misconception. Drivers travel to many different places. They have the chance to experience and see numerous places, things, and sights.

You will have the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and see many exciting destinations across the UK, and Europe or even further away in some cases.

7. It Is Lonely Being an HGV Driver

Actually HGV driving can be quite a sociable profession. Drivers get to constantly meet new people, share stories, and work with others. You can get to know individuals across the country and other places as you traveling from one destination to next. You will also become a welcome and valued member of a highly supportive profession.

8. You Mostly Just Sit Around

HGV drivers actually have many different responsibilities, including planning their routes; loading and unloading their trucks; taking inventory; and taking care of themselves by remaining active. There is much more involved in being an HGV driver than simply sitting behind the wheel of a truck.


Being an HGV driver is a very rewarding and serious career that involves a diverse seat of dedicated professionals. Truckers are actually among the most committed, reliable, and hard-working people that you will ever meet in your life.

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