4 Ways Mobile Apps Have Altered Our Lives

Mobile apps have had a big impact on our lives. From ordering groceries online to mobile banking to buying train tickets, there’s now an app for just about every daily task. Because we can now get things done faster, mobile apps have significantly changed the world. Some will still debate as to whether the changes have made life better or worse, but presented below are 4 key ways mobile apps have altered our daily lives:

1. A Need for Immediate Information

“Google it” is a phrase you probably hear at least once a day. Since we can search for anything, anywhere, anytime with mobile apps, people now have a heightened sense of urgency when it comes to finding information. Just two decades ago, I don’t think people gathering around the dinner table ever suddenly needed to find out the name of an actress that played their favourite character in an old movie right there and then. These days, however, such scenarios have become a reality — we all now feel the need to Google things on the spot and obtain instant answers to our often relatively pointless questions. Our newfound sense of immediacy means that we get frustrated when information isn’t at our fingertips.

2. Instant Connections and Communication

There are mobile apps for social networking, video chatting, dating and instant messaging. It’s now easier to communicate with people than ever before. You can keep in touch with family and friends living overseas, video chat with your pets from your workplace, check up on old classmates on Facebook and much more.

While access to constant communication facilities in our pockets has opened many doors that were unimaginable in years past, staying connected round-the-clock can have downsides. For instance, I’m sure we’ve all had a time when we texted someone and got annoyed and impatient when they didn’t reply immediately.

3. Increased Work Productivity

Have many times have you replied to work emails outside of normal business hours or answered work-related phone calls over the weekend? With mobile apps, it’s possible to stay plugged into work all the time. While this can be great for productivity, it can also have a negative effect on your social life and family life. Now we have the ability to be “plugged in” constantly, many individuals find themselves working longer hours. That said, if you have to travel around a lot for your business, being able to remotely access work from your smartphone can be a godsend. At the end of the day, it all comes down to balance!

4. Made Daily Tasks Simpler

There are now many daily tasks that you don’t have to think twice about thanks to the convenience of various mobile apps. Things like ordering groceries, purchasing movie tickets, depositing checks and refilling prescriptions are now much simpler with mobile apps. Such apps have eradicated the need to have to physically go to various locations, be it the bank, chemist or grocery store. Instead, we can accomplish many everyday tasks from our smartphones. Mobile apps like those available from Apps In The Sky have become a big time saver and helped to make life much easier. Most of us spend a lot of time at work, doing chores and running errands, so that anything that can make our lives easier and save us time can have a big impact.

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