Your Shapewear Questions Answered

Women wear shapewear for numerous different reasons, and the world of shapewear can be tricky to navigate at first. If you’re interested in shapewear, the first thing you need to consider is what sort of clothing you wear.

Some people opt for shapewear if they are going to wear an evening gown and want to have a nice defined waist. Some people opt to wear shapewear with their skinny jeans because they want to feel confident and look their best all day when they are on the go.

For others, shapewear allows them to wear clothing that they used to love, but that they no longer have the confidence to wear ‘naturally’. Shapewear lets you feel good and strong at all times.

Here are a few answers to the most common questions people have about shapewear:

1. Should I Wear a Smaller Size for the Best Results?

Most definitely no! Shapewear is not about squeezing yourself into tight clothing. Waist-cinching does not make you fit a size that you can’t wear. If you try to cinch your waist too tightly you will end up with lumps and bumps in places that you don’t want them and your silhouette will be less appealing than it would have been without the shapewear. A good tummy control brief forms to your natural shape and offers defined lines. Shapewear helps you to look naturally contoured at all times.

2. Do You Need Underwear with Shapewear?

Combining underwear and shapewear will give you hems and seams in annoying places. It’s best to avoid wearing an additional layer of underwear with your shapewear. Instead, choose shapewear made from breathable fabric that has anti-bacterial properties so that it can sit next to your skin without risk of irritation.

3. Can I Wear Shapewear Every Day?

If you choose comfortable, ‘medium control’ shapewear then you can wear it every day. High quality, fitted shapewear will give you the confidence to wear the clothing you love on a day to day basis. Medium control briefs can be a staple for office wear, and shaping shorts work well with skirts and trousers. Just make sure that you’re comfortable wearing the shapewear for a full day. Anything that is too restrictive could become uncomfortable after lunch!

4. What Colour is Best for Shapewear?

Many people opt to buy several different pairs of shapewear in different colors. If you’re buying something to go under light or thin dresses then nude shapewear is best. If you want something that you can wear with almost anything, then again nude works well. Black shapewear is popular, too, but for different reasons. Black shapewear goes well with jeans, heavy trousers, and darker garments. It looks good on its own when you’re getting changed which can be a nice boost of confidence, and it “doesn’t look like shapewear”.

Elle Courbee has a range of black, nude and white shapewear to suit every occasion.

5. Is Shapewear Safe?

Shapewear has an undeserved bad reputation because of the association some people make with corsets. Properly fitted shapewear should be fine for someone who is generally healthy. Shapewear that is too tight could cause issues because it will restrict circulation. Control briefs, shorts and skirts, on the other hand, will not cause harm if you buy them in the correct size. They simply provide a little control and gentle compression to give you a smooth shape.

Choosing shapewear can be tricky. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from. Fortunately, the team at Elle Courbee has a lot of experience in helping people find the perfect shapewear. So, if you are in need of ideas and tips, be sure to have a look at our blog which includes a guide to the different kinds of shapewear and what garments they go best with.

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