Top 5 Reasons To Volunteer

1. It’s Good for Health

In recent years, a growing body of research into the mental-health benefits of volunteer work has emerged. Particularly in the post-pandemic era, where mental health and wellness are now discussed so widely, acts of doing good for others now seem more important than ever, and the effects are experienced in a variety of ways.

It is believed that doing good for others interrupts the tension-producing brain patterns and replaces them with positive emotion, a sense of purpose, and higher confidence levels that people and volunteers feel a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives and regard their health as being generally better than those that don’t.

2. It Improves Your Employability

Why do employers like to hire volunteers? Employees look for candidates with a range of both soft and hard skills, and volunteering gives you plenty of opportunities to add to your personal and professional skill set.

If you volunteer, you will face tasks that problem-solving skills on a daily basis and have to work collaboratively with a team comprising different personalities, all while you adjust to life outside of your comfort zone. This experience helps you improve your problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and people skills, you will also have the opportunity to work on several community projects.

3. You Will Gain Real-World Experience

Volunteer work, whether practical volunteering or virtual volunteering provides insight into real-world situations and helps you gain hands-on experience. You also have numerous opportunities to choose from.

You may be involved in wildlife conservation research, conduct underwater coral reel surveys, or lead sports sessions with children.

Not for you?

You may consider increasing the teaching capacity at schools, cleaning baby sea turtles, tracking jaguars, or earning your Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Diver qualification are some of the most sought-after dive sites in the world.

4. You Will Make an Impact

If you volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the kind of community that you would like to live in, either volunteering from the comfort of your home or abroad.

Whatever causes you to decide to support, you will have the chance to be part of something greater than yourself and assist in for-good work throughout the planet. That may include making an impact in marine or wildlife conservation, women’s empowerment, or community development.

If you are not sure how to get started with your volunteering journey, you should simply consider volunteering for a cause that you truly care about since there are so many opportunities to get involved. Share your love for teaching, animals, or public health by building on impactful programs.

5. You Will Assist People to Empower Themselves

Helping people become self-empowered can help make your time abroad have more meaning. You can decide to volunteer on a community development program that works towards the self-empowerment of the local community.

This may include assisting people to learn English to improve their chances of employability in the tourism sector or teaching capacity at schools. Alternatively, you could run workshops with women to help develop their professional skills and therefore increase their job prospects.

Volunteering abroad with a responsible volunteer organization can help you travel with a purpose. It lets you lower your ecological and social footprint by participating in activities that are both sustainable and ethical.

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