The Love for SEO And Why Pursue It As A Career


Below are several reasons to be excited about dabbling in SEO and pursuing it as a career, whether out of curiosity to learn what search engine optimisers do or seeking to make money from the SEO knowledge you acquired recently.

1. The King Of Website Traffic Generation To Date

Google has etched its place as the leading web traffic drive but still having to contend with some exceptions. Some businesses and brands are founded on social media. Nevertheless, many service providers and retailers use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others, to appear before the right audience. It is a feat that requires adequate search engine optimisation to keep the digital marketing machine going. So, working as an SEO means having a seemingly endless demand as a professional. If you live in Hampshire and want an idea of SEO agencies in your area then search “SEO companies Hampshire“.

2. The Broadest Marketing Field

Search engine optimisation is wide with various major disciplines like account management, content generation, outreach, and other technical elements. Each requires a unique skill set ranging from computer science, communications, and multimedia to creativity and literacy. In short, there are lots to learn and discover in your SEO career that will be rewarding and exciting as it is challenging and interesting.

3. It Is A Unique Niche As You Want It To Be

SEO could be a broad field, but it is big enough to have room for individuals that wish to pursue a particular speciality. Every team of search engine optimisers, be it from an agency or in-house, comprises various specialists that range from strategic thinkers, creatives, analysts, writers, and great communicators. As such, you can find a web developer seated next to a digital PR executive and both focusing on the same objective yet strive to achieve that goal differently based on their skills.

4. Never Lacks Something For You To Do

You could be happy with the work each time you are done, but the job is never done. Getting a website up and running and meeting the high standards search engines such as Google set is challenging. Things change, and it could take years to get a site where it should be, even when it seems to be performing well. You have your work cut out for you, having lots still to do. It could be ensuring everything aligns with Google’s algorithm updates, building links and driving rankings, or expanding the keyword pool to doing routine performance analysis. In short, the optimisation efforts you put in are an ongoing investment.

5. Touches On All Other Channels

SEO is crosscutting, never an independent field. It is diverse and bridges various businesses and their professional support teams. For instance, a social media powerhouse will liaise with a service provider or retail chain to do business. That means the PR team will work with social media staff, decision-makers teaming up with coders, and so on. As such, you might find yourself working with HR to enhancing job listings or perhaps be at the heart of the company’s success drive.

6. It Can Be A Problem-Solving Tool

You are familiar with the satisfaction that comes with solving a problem, more so in your SEO profession. Often, have the answers requires you to be an expert, knowing who to conduct detailed investigations while deploying educated guesses. You will be all smiles and having a sense of accomplishment when you get it right and see a change in things.

7. Accessible To All Irrespective Of Qualifications

Having a degree or two in areas such as business, IT, marketing, Web development, and communications can be a bonus but is not a necessary qualification for dabbling in SEO. The search engine optimisation field is broad, having something for everyone. All it takes is having an interest, being a bit tech-savvy, and having the zeal to progress by listening, learning, testing, and doing it again until you hone your skills.

The industry’s players are constantly sharing ideas and supporting each other in their quest to outwit Google and other powers that be to make it easy for every to keep up with SEO as it evolves.

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