The Advantages Of A Serviced Office


It was only a few decades ago that starting up a new business presented enormous challenges, not least of these finding the capital to lease business premises in a desirable location. Then there were the equipment and furniture costs. All of those components had to work in harmony to provide a great working environment for staff and a pleasant space for clients to visit.

Today that scenario is a thing of the past. Business owners have a huge choice when it comes to office space that meets their unique requirements. One of the most attractive options is serviced offices – an option that is especially suitable for entrepreneurs.

Serviced office space offers a variety of benefits – and here are ten of those.

Best Locations

A premium address impresses visiting clients. Often these premium locations are easy to access – and that makes staff access easier as well as making it easier for visiting clients to get to. In the UK, finding an office in a premium location is easy, there are in excess of 2,500 serviced offices available.

Cost Savings

At first, glance serviced offices may seem like an expensive option, at least compared to standard leased space. the truth is very different. Leasing can be expensive. there are upfront fees, monthly rentals, maintenance, rates and utilities to pay. Furniture and equipment must be purchased. A serviced office does not require all those expenses – and a long-term serviced office contract makes it an even more affordable option.

Greater Flexibility

The standard office lease is usually for a period of between three and ten years. You are locked in for an extended period. During that period circumstances can change. The company could undergo significant growth, outgrowing that leased space. But the converse is also true – a company might need to downsize and then it is left with space that is not utilised and a significantly inferior return on investment. A serviced office is far more flexible. The company can choose to rent for a short time and scale up as required or reduce the office space required.


Serviced offices allow the new operation to hit the ground running. They are already furnished and do not require that upfront expenditure on desks and chairs and everything in between. That not only saves money but also time.

Support Services

One of the hidden costs of owning a business is administration. However, not only does a serviced office offer furniture and equipment, but it also provides essential support services. Phone lines are provided, the Internet is immediately available, cleaning services are provided and that all-important receptionist greets clients from day one. your calls are answered and routed correctly and correspondence is handled. Expert support saves the business money and provides them with the opportunity to focus on growing the business.

Hit the Ground Running

Moving offices can be tremendously disruptive to a business and almost inevitably involves some downtime. Packing, moving, unpacking, and upgrading equipment and furniture are all time-consuming. Then there is the task of rearranging utilities, phone lines, sourcing new employees and making sure that the all-important Internet services are up and running. Those issues do not arise when using a serviced office. It’s all there, simply waiting for you to move in and start making money.

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