Reasons Why You Should Use A Serviced Office

Some decades back, getting a new business up and running was a difficult task. Anyone that wanted to start a new business had to look for enough capital to lease a space in a proper location and purchase the office furniture and other equipment needed by the staff and clients.

Fortunately, that is not the case anymore. Anyone wishing to start a business has various options for office space that will meet all their needs. One of these is a serviced office, which is an option most start-ups are going for, and with good reason.

If you are wondering what the advantages of using a serviced office space are, here are the top reasons to use a serviced office.


Having a business in a location that attracts clients and makes it easier for visitors and staff to access is every business owner’s ultimate dream. There are currently over two thousand five hundred serviced offices in the UK, which means a new business owner can access an office in a prime location.

Affordable Costs

At first, getting a serviced office space may seem like a more expensive option compared to leasing a standard office space. However, it only seems that way because you cannot see the full picture yet. Leasing an office involves paying rent regularly, initial fees, utilities, maintenance, buying furniture and office equipment, paying the staff, and business rates. Getting a serviced office is a more affordable option as the fee covers all these, which makes it a better alternative in the long term.

More Flexibility

If you are signing a lease, you will have to do so for a duration of three to ten years. It is a risky option because you do not know what things will look like that far ahead. If your business has significant growth, the office will be too small for your staff, and the opposite is also true.

You may find yourself stuck in an office space that is too large if you overestimate the growth of the business. A serviced office is an option that offers flexibility because you can rent the space for the time you need. If you decide to scale down or enlarge the business, you can change your requirements as necessary. If you are in the Hampshire area then you may want to check out ‘serviced offices in Hampshire‘.

Fully Furnished Office

A serviced office space comes fully furnished, which means that you will not have to go through the trouble of purchasing furniture when you start a new business. You will find everything you need, from chairs and desks to a functional kitchen. No need to spend money you do not have buying furniture.

Admin Support

When paying for a serviced office, you pay an all-inclusive fee to the provider, which means that the office space and admin support are paid for at the same time. Most of these give internet and phone line support, caretakers and cleaners, reception staff, and admin. You can save a lot of money because you do not have to pay for office needs like call answering, filing, and others. It is an advantage as you get to focus on growing your business.

Start Working Straight Away

In most cases, when you are moving from one office to another, you will need time to pack everything and move it to the new office. You also need time to unpack and arrange the new space. A serviced office saves you all this, which means you can get straight to work.

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