How to Make Your Glass Sparkling Clean Using These Tips and Tricks

Having streak-free mirrors and windows around your home can be a challenging task. We end up spending our time spraying and wiping windows, mirrors or splashbacks only to realise that they are still as dirty as they previously were. This difficult task can be made simpler with the adoption of the correct cleaning methods and tools. This eventually leaves your windows and mirrors sparkling clean. If you’re looking for splashbacks in Hampshire, here are some tips on how to keep them -and your windows – sparkling clean. These tips will also save you lots of cash.

Start Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Start cleaning from the top of windows and head to the bottom if you hope to get streak-free windows or mirrors. Let gravity work its way while you are cleaning. The cleaning solution will drip to the bottom as you continue cleaning. The solution will drip to unwashed areas. By beginning at the top, no drips will end up dirtying the glass surfaces that you have already flawlessly cleaned.

Clean Windows on a Cloudy Day

It may be thought that washing needs to be done on a sunny day since you can see dirt clearly. Washing windows on a sunny day can lead to the premature drying of the cleaning solution. This, in turn, may leave streaks and residue on your windows. A cloudy day is perfect for washing since the cleaning solution doesn’t dry up quickly. You have time to sufficiently clean your windows leaving it with a brilliant streak-free sparkle.

Use a Squeegee

This simple tool can make an astounding difference when it comes to glass surfaces. The first wipe may not always remove the cleaning solution from a glass surface. To completely eliminate any streaks, you should rewipe areas that still have the solution. Still, it becomes effortless to polish sections of the window when you opt for the usage of a squeegee. For tall windows, you’ll need to have a long-handled squeegee. Such a squeegee comes in handy for the cleaning of both shower walls as well as doors.

Use Cotton Swabs to Get to Corners

Residue always has a way of building up within glass corners regardless of the amount of effort you put to prevent this from happening. Cleaning this residue isn’t a walk in the park either. The right tool is required to get to this residue. Cotton swabs are ideal when it comes to reaching troublesome areas of your windows. They are perfect for this job.

Go For an Old T-Shirt

Old t-shirts usually don’t have any lint residue. They can efficiently help in window cleaning since they are quite absorbent ensuring a window becomes polished clean. This makes such t-shirts ideal for the job. Additionally, money can be saved by reducing household costs through the use of old tees rather than paper towels. “This is also great for the environment” notes Matthew Bould from Bould Bookkeeping.

Try Homemade Window Cleaners

Homemade solutions at times deliver the best results. They don’t comprise of unknown chemicals. Besides, they are more economical. One cup of water, one cup of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of vinegar should be mixed for the production of a homemade glass cleaner. A quick vapourising spray cleaner is produced when white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol are mixed which can give commercial brands are run for their money. Chrome, hard tiles and various other surfaces can be cleaned using this solution.

Use Newspapers

Some people depend on newspapers when it comes to polishing glass surfaces. Newspapers actually work well when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces. However, many people don’t fancy the idea of having newsprint on their hands. When wet, newspapers also don’t hold up well. Newspapers can be worth a shot if you are not into cloth and towels. Get gloves if you aren’t a fan of newsprint but like how the glass looks.

Avoid Woodwork

Damage can be done to the framed wood areas by many window and glass cleaners. Make sure that drips don’t fall on the woodwork close to glass surfaces. For the absorption of these drips, get a small cloth to place on the windowsill or wood. Still, don’t spray too much cleaning solution at one go. Rather, spray small bits of the solution on the window as you clean from the top to bottom of mirrors or windows.